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La Princesa Noor

Matar A Dawood
July 6, 2016
Nadia Sin Miedo
July 6, 2016

La Princesa Noor / Codename Madeleine

Spanish language rights sold to Ediciones B.
Prologue by Cesar Vidal.

A n award-winning bestseller author, journalist, and historian. #1 Amazon bestseller. He has written more that 100 titles on subjects ranging from religion to geography to history.

The novel tells with elements of suspense the incredible story of the 29 year old Noor, a direct descendant of Tipu Sultan -the last of the Muslim rulers of southern India-, as a British agent with the alias Madeleine in Nazi-occupied France during World War II.

The Indian Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan, was born on January 2nd 1914 in Moscow, Russia. Daughter of an Indian musician and Sufism teacher Inayat Khan, and Ora Ray Baker an USA citizen and niece of Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science.

" Noor was the only woman who earned the highest civilian honors posthumously, the George Cross -by the British government-, and the Croix de Guerre -by France.”

A fter living a peaceful existence studying music and writing children stories Noor escapes France with her mother and brother to England at the time the Germans were going to invade Paris. Because of her familiarity with France and the knowledge of the language, she enlists in the Special Operations Executive (SOE). After a hard training, Noor is sent to Nazi occupied France Immediately after arrival, the Gestapo makes mass arrests among the resistance groups. Madeleine, such is her code name, becomes the only link between the unit and its based in England. For days she eludes the Gestapo, house to house, carrying his radio transmitter inside a suitcase.

After being betrayed she is finally captured by the Germans and taken at the infamous Avenue Foch, the Gestapo headquarters in Paris. She presences the cruel physical tortures of the Nazis to members of the Resistance however she refuses to cooperate and inform on her French peers.

First she tries to escape unsuccessfully but does it on a second chance with Jakob; a Jewish British agent who has witnessed atrocities in Yugoslavia against civilians and needs to inform London about it. However the Catholic archbishop of Zagreb, Aloysius Viktor Stepinac, will do anything to stop him and not letting the allies to know the cruelties which the Ustasha is doing with his consent. Noor has a chance to return to London with Jakob, but refuses to go.

What awaits her is the Dachau concentration camp.

Betrayal, passion, subversion, spies... A thriller!

A lesser know real story of an Indian princess who fought the Nazis. Set in the time of the French Resistance and the British Special Operations Executive (SOE).

A masterful tale of suspense, set during World War II and full of colorful characters.

A forgotten story, as subplot, of the permissiveness Vatican towards the genocide in Yugoslavia by the Ustasha -a strong Catholic ideology fascist movement allied with the Nazis-, against Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and partisans during the WWII thanks to the sympathy and allowance of the Archbishop of Zagreb.

Simultaneously inspiring and devastating. An epic tale... Morally acute!