The best book on Amrita. A wholly absorbing and brilliant novel like the novels no one seems to write anymore. I highly recomend it to all foreigners in order to understand India through such extraordinary character.

KHUSHWANT SINGH. A legend and national Indian icon, one of the best-known Indian journalist and writer of all times and former member of Indian Parliament.

One of the best novels with brilliant craftmanship i have read. A remarkable achievement. A must read for understanding British India through the live of such an enigmatic and engaging young woman. Entertaining, serious and accurate in its historical and social obervations

ASHOKAMITRA. One of the most influential figures in Indian literature, film essayist and critic.

Nadia, Bollywood Queen

An absorbing novel utterly brilliant. The author blows the reader with a blast of cool stories of the first action start of Bollywood. For more than a decade the blonde actress was the top female star in India performing her own stunts; playing with lions, sporting a mask, wielding revolvers, erotically wearing tight-fitting shorts while brandishing a whip, swinging on chandeliers, beating up men on top of a train... An enjoyable insight into the life of a pioneer of Bollywood ungratefully forgotten. A laugh-out-loud novel, touching, very courageous and very well researched and recreated at a time when Indian was struggling for independence.

Ashokamitra. One of the most influential figures in Indian literature, film essayist and critic.

ALFREDO DE BRAGANZA is a well known boxer and historian of boxing legends, and particularly Indian boxing champions. Now he has used his film making and martial arts skills to tackle a new subject - a book about a little known Australian woman who became one of the legends of the Indian Cinema scene. With his storytelling talent and flare for unusual subjects this book promises to give readers a roller coaster ride through India and the ups and downs of Bollywood life as lived by an unlikely outsider. Highly recommended!

Andrew Vial. Internationally acclaimed Australian Filmmaker.

La novela resulta tan fascinante como el cine del gran Satyajit Ray. Es también un tapiz, que a veces sientes que puedes palpar, en el que cada personaje, cada peripecia y pasaje del viaje componen un conjunto que transforma tu mirada, y no sólo por las insólitas revelaciones sobre el cine de Bollywood. Es una lectura que invita al asombro.

Alexander Zárate. Crítico de cine, escritor y profesor.

A long forgotten, bigger-than-life diva, comes back to life in the pages of this fascinating story about the early developments of what has become the world's largest filmmaking industry. Outstanding novel!

JAVIER BASULTO. Mexican Diplomat formerly posted in India.

Touching. There is a great deal of laughing moments into these pages. The writer draws you completely into the world of the real Bollywood queen. Highly recommended.

Ashwin Mahajan, Bollywood celebrity hairstylist.

An engrossing account from an insightful writer. The book can be a wonderful read for Indians and foreigners alike.

T.N. Raghu. Deccan Chronicle. Indian Newspaper.

A fascinating story of the original Bollywood Queen, beautifully narrated.

Kamesh Srinivasan, The Hindu. Indian Newspaper.

Outstanding novel. Very entertaining, immensely funny. I loved and admired Nadia.

Deepshika, Indian fashion entrepreneur.

NADIA by Alfredo de Braganza unfurls as seamlessly as a red carpet on opening night.
Sophisticated, charismatic, and beguiling.

This novel is one heck of a lot of fun to read.
NADIA is a riveting and frothy novel.

The Princess Noor

A través de los capítulos de la novela, el lector se verá llevado de la India a las celdas de la Gestapo, de la Inglaterra enfrentada con Hitler a las escenas horribles del Holocausto, de las sacristías donde se fraguaba el crimen en masa a la esperanza de la libertad. Con seguridad, al surcar estas páginas sufrirá, se angustiará, quedará impresionado por el horror, pero, a la vez, descubrirá un canto a la lucha contra la tiranía, a la fe en algo que sobrepasa la muerte y al amor.

Cesar Vidal, reconocido internacionalmente con numerosos premios literarios; es abogado, historiador, escritor y periodista español, autor de numerosas obras de divulgación histórica, ensayos y novelas.

A forgotten story, as subplot, of the permissiveness Vatican towards the genocide in Yugoslavia by the Ustasha -a strong Catholic ideology fascist movement allied with the Nazis-, against Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and partisans during the WWII thanks to the sympathy and allowance of the Archbishop of Zagreb.
A lesser know real story of an Indian princess who fought the Nazis. Set in the time of the French Resistance and the British Special Operations Executive (SOE)
A masterful tale of suspense, set during World War II and full of colorful characters.
Betrayal, passion, subversion, spies... A thriller!
Simultaneously inspiring and devastating. An epic tale... Morally acute!
Noor was the only woman who earned the highest civilian honors posthumously, the George Cross -by the British government-, and the Croix de Guerre -by France.
Noor was the only woman who earned the highest civilian honors posthumously, the George Cross -by the British government-, and the Croix de Guerre -by France.

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