Amrita Sher-Gil was born in Budapest in 1913 in a bourgeois family. Her parents were outgoing and quirky characters: her mother was a Jewish Hungarian and her father an Indian Sikh. Amrita studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Her charismatic presence, beauty and physical charms captivated both men and women. With the magnetism of her personality she was able to take down the artificial barriers imposed by the censors of the Victorian morality. However, her secret love affair with the first Prime Minister of Independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru, and her numerous sex scandals, exacerbated her figure till the most infamous social ignominy. Amrita died in India, in very mysterious circumstances, at the young age of 28. Her figure has gone unnoticed by both the Indian and international public. AMRITA is the first fictional approach to the life of this enigmatic woman considered as the Frida Kahlo of India. Her life was remarkable in every way: epic, exotic, tragic, intense, political and romantic. Although today her artwork is one of the most expensive in India, her figure has been disowned and has gone unnoticed even after the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of her birth last year.

A novelized biography of the largely-unknown life of Amrita Sher-Gil, described as “India’s Frida Kahlo”.

Set during the British colonial rule in India, AMRITA is based largely on actual events, but it also contains elements of fiction


A real history of an actress totally forgotten and ignored during the past celebration of the 100 years of Indian cinema. Steamy, hilarious, 'unputdownable' and touching story of the blonde, blue-eyed, Scottish father, Greek mother and Australian born, Mary Evans, better known by Nadia: the first action movie actor in Indian cinema before it was popularly named as Bollywood.

The story tells, at present time, the journey of the elderly actress with a young staff employee of the commercial section of the Swiss embassy in New Delhi to the Locarno Film Festival where they will perform a retrospective for her lifetime career. During the trip, Nadia shares with him her incredible story, full of anecdotes and hilarious comic remembrances; how she became the most famous film actress in British India during the decade of the 30s, and her love affair with one of the pioneers of Indian talkies cinema. Enjoyable, highly entertaining and sensual. Her epic personal story, unknown to the vast Indian and foreign audiences is full of Bollywood-masala; lots of action, romance and dancing.

Why you should read this novel:

  • This is the first novel based on the life of Nadia.
  • During the research the author has interviewed the most famous filmmakers and industry professionals of Indian cinema.
  • An indispensable novel to know India in the early twentieth century through the life of an extraordinary woman of foreign origin who fought and triumphed during the beginning of the Indian film industry before it was called Bollywood.
  • Some producers of Hollywood and Bollywood are being studied to film the life of Nadia. However, so far there has been no material to substantiate a convincing entertaining story for the vast international audience. This is the final novel.

"An absorbing novel utterly brilliant. The author blows the reader with a blast of cool stories of the first action start of Bollywood. For more than a decade the blonde actress was the top female star in India performing her own stunts; playing with lions, sporting a mask, wielding revolvers, erotically wearing tight-fitting shorts while brandishing a whip, swinging on chandeliers, beating up men on top of a train... An enjoyable insight into the life of a pioneer of Bollywood ungratefully forgotten. A laugh-out-loud novel, touching, very courageous and very well researched and recreated at a time when Indian was struggling for independence"

" NADIA by Alfredo de Braganza unfurls as seamlessly as a red carpet on opening night. "

" Sophisticated, charismatic, and beguiling. "

" This novel is one heck of a lot of fun to read. "

" NADIA is a riveting and frothy novel. "


Spanish language rights sold to Ediciones B.

Prologue by Cesar Vidal

An award-winning bestseller author, journalist, and historian. #1 Amazon bestseller. He has written more that 100 titles on subjects ranging from religion to geography to history.

The novel tells with elements of suspense the incredible story of the 29 year old Noor, a direct descendant of Tipu Sultan -the last of the Muslim rulers of southern India-, as a British agent with the alias Madeleine in Nazi-occupied France during World War II.

The Indian Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan, was born on January 2nd 1914 in Moscow, Russia. Daughter of an Indian musician and Sufism teacher Inayat Khan, and Ora Ray Baker an USA citizen and niece of Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science.

After living a peaceful existence studying music and writing children stories Noor escapes France with her mother and brother to England at the time the Germans were going to invade Paris. Because of her familiarity with France and the knowledge of the language, she enlists in the Special Operations Executive (SOE). After a hard training, Noor is sent to Nazi occupied France Immediately after arrival, the Gestapo makes mass arrests among the resistance groups. Madeleine, such is her code name, becomes the only link between the unit and its based in England. For days she eludes the Gestapo, house to house, carrying his radio transmitter inside a suitcase.

After being betrayed she is finally captured by the Germans and taken at the infamous Avenue Foch, the Gestapo headquarters in Paris. She presences the cruel physical tortures of the Nazis to members of the Resistance however she refuses to cooperate and inform on her French peers.

First she tries to escape unsuccessfully but does it on a second chance with Jakob; a Jewish British agent who has witnessed atrocities in Yugoslavia against civilians and needs to inform London about it. However the Catholic archbishop of Zagreb, Aloysius Viktor Stepinac, will do anything to stop him and not letting the allies to know the cruelties which the Ustasha is doing with his consent. Noor has a chance to return to London with Jakob, but refuses to go.

What awaits her is the Dachau concentration camp.

" Betrayal, passion, subversion, spies... A thriller! "

" A lesser know real story of an Indian princess who fought the Nazis. Set in the time of the French Resistance and the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) "

" A masterful tale of suspense, set during World War II and full of colorful characters. "

" A forgotten story, as subplot, of the permissiveness Vatican towards the genocide in Yugoslavia by the Ustasha -a strong Catholic ideology fascist movement allied with the Nazis-, against Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and partisans during the WWII thanks to the sympathy and allowance of the Archbishop of Zagreb. "

" Simultaneously inspiring and devastating. An epic tale... Morally acute! "

" Noor was the only woman who earned the highest civilian honors posthumously, the George Cross -by the British government-, and the Croix de Guerre -by France. "


Electrifying novel about the biography of Dawood Ibrahim, at present considered the terrorist most wanted in the world and whose immense fortune has led him to being mentioned in the Forbes magazine.


With freneticrhythm, the successive plots set in Bombay, London and Buenos Aires are interlacing to joining into a deifying and surprising end.

The author of KILLING DAWOOD narrates to us the past of the protagonist in India, how he committed his first murder being an adolescent , his hasty ascent in the organized crime, and how and why he was named  Indian´s most wanted ¨Don¨, as well his exile from Bombay to Dubai and hence to Lahore.

In London an Indian lawyer propose to him that, to be able to return to India and defend himself from the accusation of what happened in Bombay in 1993(a series of 15 explosions that constituted the most destructive and more coordinated terrorist attack in the history of India), accepts to murder an Iranian diplomat in Buenos Aires. Nevertheless, from the shade, each of the ringleaders of this «crime of the state» has different plans. An official of the government of India just is concerned for capturing Dawood alive; a North American wants the information that he possesses about the Pakistani Secret Service, and an Argentine official just is concerned to murder the Iranian because he possesses compromising information for his government on the terrorist attack of 1994 on the Jewish center AMIA of Buenos Aires. 

The writer grasps your attention due his aptitude to change the point of view of the history in the suitable moment, so that it leaves the reader with the desire of knowing not so much what it is going to happen but rather how the raised situations are going to be solved.

For all the lovers of the spies' genre it turns out to be exciting and difficult to leave it at a side.

After researching and investigating exhaustively, the author combines audaciouslyinternational politics, love and nationalism, and presents a gallery of rounded and convincing characters in miscellany of reality and fiction as the most pure style of Frederick Forsyth.


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